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Becci Hall introduces Our Financial Concierge as a Multi-Family Office for Financial Resources

Our Financial Concierge is the only place where you will get unbiased, independent services, information and resources. We are your:
  • Family's CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Financial Interpreter
  • Teacher of Household Finance
  • Family Bookkeeper
  • Bad Cop, as needed
  • Dumb Question Answer-er

How would Our Financial Concierge benefit you and your family?

When my dad died in 2002, my mom was left with a house to sell, a car to buy, life insurance proceeds to invest, bills to pay and no idea where to start or who to trust. Of course, this also landed on her while grieving. In helping my mom through this process, I realized no matter what my profession, I was first her daughter meaning nothing I said counted. She still looked for the non-family member or the long-time, family friend from whom to get answers or advise. I observed my mom's continued frustration. Every time she picked up the phone someone wanted to sell her something or give her information about something she barely understood in the first place.

Dating back to the 19th Century, wealthy families hired experts as employees of “the family” to handle the day-to-day finances. Family Offices, as they are known today, are longer just available to the wealthy. Our Financial Concierge is a contracted, multi-family office where a number of families hire us for various projects over a specific time frame. You would:

  • make more informed financial decisions and have a better understanding of your financial transactions. This makes you a better consumer, as well.
  • repel unethical, greedy or incompetent professionals because of your access to the expertise of Our Financial Concierge.
  • have much less stress because you knew Our Financial Concierge was available to help relieve the burden of extra tasks.
  • be able to plan better because Our Financial Concierge would help you know your current financial situation and be able to knowledgeably answer questions.
  • do better at your job, enjoy your family more and be happier with yourself.
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Becci Hall, Family CFO
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